The Secret Life of the American Teenager

May 24, 2012
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Unrealistic show that sugarcoats important issues

I used to kind of like this show in the first season. But it's gotten much worse. It focuses almost completely on sex-nobody talks about anything else. Language is mild and nothing is actually shown, but I have to question the appropriateness of a show for adolescents that talks constantly about sex. And it shows a very narrow view of how teens really are-everyone lives in nice, comfortable homes. Nobody seems to have problems until they do it. Except for Ricky and Adrian, these are all practically perfect kids who get everything they want. They all behave like perfect rich kids who think of nothing but sex. And I can say I like one of the characters very much. Madison is a good role model, and it's unlikely any real teen lives as perfect a life as these kids do, so teens watching this show may get the wrong idea about what it's REALLY like to become pregnant in high school. Everything is too easy for the kids (everyone except Ricky has understanding, caring parents, enough money, etc.), and while they say how hard it is to be raising a child at their age, we don't really see any of the hardships. We don't see how hard it is for Amy to have John, or for Adrian to have decided to have her baby. They seem pretty happy. Even when the girls' parents split up twice everything is sugar-coated. The whole show gives a very unrealistic view of life for teens growing up in America, and it's hard to feel any empathy with these kids because everything is handed to them on a silver platter. In all, I think that while the sex material is nothing to new to teens, it is NOT a good show to use as education about teen pregnancy, because it doesn't show the issue as it really is. Teens really won't learn any real life lessons from this show.

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