Deadliest Warrior

April 5, 2012
By , plymouth, WI
I could tell from the previews on Spike’s Deadliest Warrior that this fight of the undead was going to be the best and bloodiest fight throughout the history of Deadliest Warrior. I would know this because I was one of the few people who gave the people of the Deadliest Warrior team this idea.

I’m just excited and proud to see this fight. I was just like, “For season 3, may I suggest a fight that may change the very foundations of Deadliest Warrior? If so, I suggest of doing a fight that involves with zombies. Sure zombies may not be real, but there will be many science fiction and horror movie, comic and video games fans watch this particular episode. This episode may be the bloodiest battle ever.”

I can’t believe that they are going with my idea and are actually going to do a deadly battle on Spike’s Deadliest Warrior. I never expected that would do a deadliest battle with vampire. I mean this a great opportunity to make fun of the fans of Twilight. It will so great to make fun of those Twilight people. There is no way that vampires will beat the zombies.

There is a common factors are that both zombies and vampires have and that is they are the undead, which that is a big factor for both of the undead warriors. They have claws and bites.

The vampire is nothing more than a pathetic monster. They are afraid of sunlight; this is a major weakness of a vampire. They don’t like garlic; don’t ask me why they don’t like garlic. Maybe is that they don’t like species or something like that. They hate the Christian Cross; it is rumored that they are demons of Hell. And they are also haters of holy water; this will burn them. There is a major weakness for the vampires. The first weakness is their head and the second weakness is their hearts. Don’t know why this is the weakness of the vampires, this is just the rumor that vampire fans say.

The vampires are rumored to have the bite force and the claw weapons of the zombies. I do not believe that vampires have unbelievable speed, the smell, eye sight, and hearing that are better than a normal human. They do not survive the sun because they have “glitter.” That is all because of Twilight and Twilight isn’t a great way to know about a vampire. That is just rumor and it’s pathetic.
The only true vampire was the first and true infamous vampire: Vlad the Impaler. His name stands out for the title of the vampire. He was around like 1430 through 1470’s; I believe that he was around that time. That is it enough information for the vampires. All I have to do is shoot the heart of the vampire than I cut off his head. It’s an easy kill.

The zombies will win throughout this entire fight. They can survive any type of climate. They don’t burn from sunlight. They don’t have hearts; that is not going to be a weakness for the vampires. Garlic, holy water and the Cross is also not a weakness to the zombies. The only weakness of the zombies is their heads. From my understanding of research and studies, zombies somehow still have brain active in their heads, but they just responded well like normal humans do.

Zombies also have their own special abilities and powers. This first zombie is called a ratcher; these burgers have a sickish green glow on their skins. They also have a power and deadly acidy vomit or spit as researchers call it. Another zombie is called a bruiser; this may look like a fat zombie with slow ability, but these things have the power strength of a rhino and they can plow you to the ground. A third kind of a zombie is called a bolter; these are very skinny and they are very creepy because they crawl on all fours and they have unbelievable speed.
Myth about the vampire legend

What is so interesting with people and vampires? What is so special about a vampire? How people ever stop and start thinking about this whole vampire thing ever started? It will be sad for this entire vampire fans will be so disappointed about this whole fan club or society thing.

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