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February 23, 2012
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Tearing into its third season, Vampire Diaries has taken quite a bite out of the CW weekly line-up.

What began as the clichéd “girl is in love with undead brothers” plot-line, the series quickly spiraled into a chest-deep plot riddled with lies, love, and the supernatural. The series began in 2009 as a love triangle between the heroine, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev: Degrassi) and her vamp suitors—the noble and brooding Stefan (Paul Wesley: Fallen, Beneath the Blue) and his dark, dangerous brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder: Lost, Life as a House).

Since discovering her crush was a vampire, Elena has discovered more about her town, her friends, and her own murky past. Conflicted witches, angst-filled werewolves, vampires as old as time, and ghosts who can’t let go of their former lives are among the many side plots that keep viewers entertained while the center plot (Elena keeping her life) grinds through various antagonists.

The show has matured greatly in its three seasons. Though the main plot line can grow tiresome at times, (how many times can a girl be taunted by vampires?), the writers never fail to through a wrench into the seemingly smooth running action. The heroes are constantly battered and beaten in the race to keep their lives.

Elena proves to be strengthening as a force of good. Her once naïve and weak persona has evolved immensely. She will stop at nothing to protect those who she cares about most. Though sometimes her actions seem a bit too ambitious for her character, she always gets herself out of a rut.

Elena’s affections flicker between the Salvatore brothers throughout the series. While at first, Damon was the psychotic killer and Stefan was the stable vegetarian, the brothers switch roles constantly between episodes. Stefan transformed from a sappy, Edward Cullen-ish brooder to an unpredictable killer. Damon on the other hand, went from being a womanizing leech to Elena’s personal body guard.

Earlier in the season, Damon and Elena faced a life-or-death bonding moment while Damon was on his death bed. To save his brother, Stefan sold his soul to the devil per say or rather to Klaus, sending him into a plunge to the dark side. While Elena fights her past feelings for Stefan, she is also trying to figure out her feelings for Damon.

The current villain, Klaus (Joseph Morgan: Immortals, Mansfield Place) is perhaps the most lovable and believable of villains as he will spare no one in his quest for ultimate power—being the first Hybrid (vampire and werewolf). After killing many and injuring more, Klaus seems to be the perfect villain. However, his weaker side is shown when it comes to his past and his family.

Local viewers might recognize some sights. The show is filmed in Covington as well as other places around Atlanta. Fans can catch a filming in Covington square but they need to be prepared for a long night, as filming can last until the wee hours of the morning. However, persistence can pay off when the show’s stars come to sign autographs and pose for pictures.
Rating: 4 out of 5
Better Than: Secret Circle, Nine Lives of Chloe King
Not as Good As: Grimm, Charmed
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Finally, some one who watches this!! Love this show, great job!


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