February 17, 2012
By KenxxzieLove SILVER, BINBROOK, Ontario
KenxxzieLove SILVER, BINBROOK, Ontario
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I dream of the day, that all hatred and violence disappear.

If your a type of person who loves cops, the thrill of a chase, and a love story in all directions, then hold onto your seat, because Flashpoint is the show for you. Flashpoint follows a SRU Team (SWAT) and follows their work, their lives, and most of of all the trouble they take home with them at the end of the day. The show follows the different situations throughout the seasons. As like every other Tv-Show, we follow the "Bad Parent," the "relationship that should never happen" the "Father-son relationship" and the "Questioning of the job."

The so called "Bad Parent" situation involves Greg, the team leader, who before the show began, was an alcoholic, who lost his wife and kid, to the alcoholism. One night when he awoke from being drunk, he found that his family was gone. Eleven years later, he tells his story of how he hasn't seen his boy and misses him, but won't do anything to get him, as he believes that there is no point.

The relationship that should never happen is between Jules and Sam, AKA Jam. In the first episode ever of Flashpoint we encounter the teams first assignment (that we see) and we are introduced to Sam, who is just about to start at the SRU the next day. Soon, further into the season, Jules and Sam kiss, but because of work policies, they keep it a secret and continue doing what they're doing.

The Father-Son relationship, is about Spike and the hardships he faces when it comes to his father. Spikes father, believes that job he does is to dangerous, and that he should never had taken it in the first place. As the show progresses, Spikes father one day is gone, and he continues the job anyways.

The people that questions the job the most were, Wordy and Greg. Wordy began depending on his team to just leave him alone and to cope with whatever it was he was going through at home. Sooner rather than later they find out about something that makes the decision of the job very questionable. Greg closer to the end of season 4 starts to distrust himself, and he believes that the decisions he has made in the past, are causing his team to fall apart, but little does he know that the team was always together. He believes that him keeping the secret of Sam and Jules, after being interviewed, will cost him his job, but soon questions his judgment.

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