The Lying Game

February 9, 2012
The Lying Game is a TV show that airs Monday nights at 9/8c on ABC Family. The show is about theses twin girls who were separated at birth, one of them (Sutton) lives a rich life style and is sort of a brat and self-centered,while the other one (Emma) has been in foster care pretty much all of her life is a sweet/nice girl nothing like Sutton. The series starts out when the girls finally meet each other and Sutton asks Emma to pretend to be her while she looks for their birth mother. A few months after the switch Sutton comes back and try to get her life back but she cant because someone tried to kill her and so now she has a cut on her head so people will know she isn't Emma who is pretending to be Sutton. Sutton is jealous of Emma because she gets to like her life and she has to stay in hiding; but she doesn't do a very good job of that because her parents see her and think she is Emma who they thin is Sutton. Now the two girls have to somehow make it seem like its been Sutton all along which is hard when there is two people but everyone else thinks there is only one. They are not alone though Thor (a friend of Sutton) and Ethan (Sutton's boyfriend) know about the switch. Sutton is acting like her bratty self which makes her family confused and unhappy because they had gotten used to Emma being nice; the girls are trying to keep the face that there are two of them a secret but when Emma accudently messes something up with there friend Mads that Sutton was suppose to do, so Emma blurts out to Mads that she isn't Sutton so that Mads will stop being mad at her.

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