Switched at Birth

February 1, 2012
By bookworm202 BRONZE, Lavonia, Georgia
bookworm202 BRONZE, Lavonia, Georgia
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Through the years, ABC Family has created many good TV dramas and shows (yes, I'm referring to Pretty Little Liars), each one unique in it's plot and characters. One of these shows, is Switched at Birth.
Switched at Birth is the story of two teenage girls who find out they were taken home by different parents when they were born. They find this out when one of the girls, Bay Kennish, takes a DNA test. They soon contact each other, and the drama begins.
While enjoying the thought of meeting their "real" parents, they also have to deal with a few problems and big differences. While Bay comes from a rich family, Daphne Vasquez comes from a poorer family. She has no father and, surprisingly, is deaf.
Not only is this show interesting to watch because of the action and fast paced storyline, it also shows an interesting take on being deaf. It gives the viewers a look inside what it feels like to be deaf through completely silent signing scenes (except for ambient noise) and different deaf character's thoughts. With one of the girls being deaf, and several of her friends being deaf, you get a lot of deaf culture and language throughout the episodes. You're also introduced to some controversy and challenges you face when you're deaf.
Also, you're introduced to some great actors and actresses (deaf and hearing). Vanessa Morano, Sean Berdy, and Katie Leclerc are just a few teens starring in this show; along with well known actors and actresses such as Marlee Matlin and Constance Marie.
All in all, this show is a must see for any young adult. It teaches a lot of valuable lessons and really captures the attention of anyone who watches it.

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KaBloom21 said...
on May. 31 2012 at 11:55 am
I agree with this...especially after the last few episodes with what emmett did to bay and then tried to hide it

blogergirl21 said...
on Mar. 1 2012 at 12:31 pm
blogergirl21, Onidea, New York
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I am learning to sin so i love to wach this show. But bay should not be with emmit.


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