Pretty Little Liars!

January 28, 2012
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Pretty Little Liars, the show that once you watch, you can’t stop; The show that has become most popular among teens. Hannah, Emily, Spencer, Aria, and Allie, the 5 girls that you see in the hallway’s, and you get this feeling automatically that they’ll be friend’s forever, and that was true, until the night Allie disappeared in the barn.

Each episode will leave you craving for the next, and will send true chill’s down your spine. Allie’s body has been found, and it’s been a while since they found it. Ever since the day of Allie’s funeral, the four girl’s have been receiving texts from “A,” the mystery person who has been torturing them. Every girl has been close to death because of “A,” and they want him/her dead. Every episode is a new problem, in which makes the audience tremble.

Also a book series by: Sara Shepard, written well, and as mysterious, and chilling as the show. Each character in the show plays an important role, and plays it well; I think that the producers of this show picked very well actors, that fit the parts almost perfectly. When watching every Monday, you feel like you’re right there with them, and you find yourself having a hard time looking away. When I ask my friends if they watch this show, its almost always a yes! But I have found some people that have not seen it, but once I tell them about what I like about it, they ask what channel!

We all have those predictions about who “A” might be, and we all have those talks with out friends ever Tuesday about what happened in the show the night before, and that shows how deep we are in the series. It’s so greatly acted that we can almost picture it being real.

Watch or you might find yourself regretting it later! -A

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amaria0109 said...
Jan. 26, 2013 at 2:35 pm
I love the show too, but the first paragraph of this was very roundabout and confusing . Also, it's Ali, not Allie.
ChloeE replied...
Feb. 3, 2013 at 7:38 pm
Agree! This was my first writing I had ever done. Thank you for your feedback! :)
ms859 said...
Apr. 2, 2012 at 11:09 am

i agree this show is awesome


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