Character Analysis: Jade West from Victorious

February 8, 2012
By monnarty BRONZE, Tonawanda, New York
monnarty BRONZE, Tonawanda, New York
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This person has a rather dark outlook on life, is interested in things that are macabre, and despite being a bad girl, she has friends. This person is Jade West. She is a unique student of the elite Hollywood Arts High School. Tori Vega, the newest student of Hollywood Arts, gets on Jade’s bad side on her first day. Tori accidentally spilled coffee on her boyfriend, Beck. Unfortunately, when Tori was wiping it off his shirt and apologizing for the mistake, Jade enters. She took it the wrong way and vowed revenge on her. However, Tori and Jade now have a frenemy relationship.

She is an excellent actress, singer, and dancer. Her interest of the creepy and scary variety has reflected into her craft many times. For example, this led her to make a creepy film for her re-audition (To get into Hollywood Arts, you have to audition for the principal). Despite her bad girl behavior and her macabre personality, she somehow managed to get some friends. She has an extensive list of stuff she hates, which she posts videos explaining why on, the school website (also a website for the Victorious show in real life.) Whatever you do, DON’T MESS WITH HER!!! She’s high ranking on the social ladder at Hollywood Arts. So you’d better be careful around her.
What about Jade’s ethics? Jade is known to be, at times, cold and judgmental. This is said to have stemmed from her father, who lives far away and rarely socializes with her. Her drive of anger towards Tori seems to have been stemmed from what happened on Tori’s 1st day at Hollywood Arts. These events were mentioned earlier. Also, she can be mean towards people who have no talent, or of a lower social class. And please, PLEASE, don’t get into a position of authority with her. She can destroy you socially. And maybe at bootpoint (she wears boots in place of shoes all the time).
If you asked me if she changed a lot over the past 2 seasons of Victorious, I’d say: not much. The only change was when Tori had to clean the school theater for what Jade had caused. Jade, somewhat feeling bad for Tori, came and helped her clean the theater. Also, she came to Tori to help her get through a temporary breakup. If anything, this only proves that they’ve become frenemies, than the banes of their existence.
In my eye, she can be, at times, a weird, and a very strange shrewd. Not to mention that these kinds of interests are quite extraordinary (yet uncommon) for a teen girl to have. However, people can be friends with her once they know and respect her. She seems to have good relationships despite her mannerisms and tastes. (And yet, we still don’t know how she got friends.) As a result, I agree that Jade is a rather diverse character. And to think that she has gotten this far in life! I wonder what situations she could be put through. Also, I wonder if she might change a bit later on…

The author's comments:
I really liked the character of Jade West, so I wrote a whole review, hoping for the public to see my opinion.

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