My Wife and Kids

January 17, 2012
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If you want to have 30 minutes of non-stop laughing then you should watch the television show My Wife And Kids. It is a comedy that no matter how you might be feeling, mad, sad, happy or bored you will find something to change your mood to a good one. This is why I believe My Wife And Kids is one of the best shows that have ever aired. The show is well written. It has a mix of funny and serious episodes. Even when the shows are serious their still is some humor in it.

This show was broadcasted from 2000 - 2005, and reruns are currently being shown on Nick at Nite This show by far has been the only show I can watch for hours. This show is about an African American family that lives in the suburbs of Connecticut. The family tree starts out with Michael and Jay. Michael is an owner of a truck company. Jay, his wife is a stockbroker. They are having a teenage son Junior who is the oldest but whose character plays the dumbest. Clare who is the second oldest, acts like a rotten stubborn BRAT!!! Last but not least there is their sweet little daughter Kady. Additional characters in the show are Franklin; a child prodigy who has fell in love with Kady and is her boyfriend. Vanessa Scott is Junior’s girlfriend. Junior’s mom Jay doesn’t really like her. There is also Tony who is Claire I could go on and on with all these types of characters and reason why I love this show but then I would ruin my review.

All of the characters are great but my favorite top Michael, Junior, and Franklin. The reason why I chose those three out of everyone is because they make me laugh the most. Michael is the dad and he is the meanest person on the whole show. For example when ever he gets mad at Junior or just can’t stand him he will say. “ Hey Junior what’s that” then Junior would say “What” and he would turn around facing his dad Michael who would smack him in the head. Junior’s plays a character that is not the brightness person on the planet and he is pretty stupid. Junior would say the most bizarre things at the weirdest times. For example, when the family would talk about food, Junior would make a farting noise. Junior always got into silly situations that his dad or other family members would have to get him out of. I like Franklin because he is a genius.. He is always right he can always help you with your homework or your taxes. He could fix you tables or he could play the piano for you at a dinner. He could tell you how to brush your teeth at a 90 degree angle. Franklin could pretty much help you with anything. I guess what else would you expect from a child who graduated from Harvard at the age of seven All of the crazy situations these characters get into but it just makes me laugh for some reason. All of the other characters are great but if I were to give examples of the best episodes they would probably be in all of them.

Most of the episodes can keep me laughing for hours. One of the episodes I love is when Franklin was going to help them Michael and Junior with the garage. When he bent over to pick some tool, he was wearing pink panties. So Junior and Michael said “are you wearing pink panties”. Franklin tried to explain until they stopped him and said where wearing them too. Then Junior said “oh, then that must mean that you’re wearing the training bra too” and they looked at him like he was weird and said “no.”

My other favorite episode was when Michael who is bald, started to take these types of pills that grew hair for you but it made you crazy. So he kept he kept on taking the pills and it started to get to him. So he had little braids and the rest was bald. Then he stared to go crazy because jay tried to take away the pills but he wouldn’t so he started to run the house and was hiding but eventually he gave the pills to his Jay. My last favorite episode has to be when they all went to Hawaii. You knew there would be lots of funny situation when before they even got to Hawaii. Michael planned a cross country trip. Then once in Hawaii, I don’t know why I just like how there were all these types of different problems. Like each character has their own problem it’s just a crazy episode.

A mean Dad who makes a lot of jokes, a Mom who hold the family together, a son who does stupid things, a older daughter who is almost tied with Junior for not doing smart things are all of there reasons why this show is one of my all time favorite shows. I can always count on this show to cheer me up. It is the type of show that you can watch with your whole family. Even with all the laughter there is usually a lesson that is learned in each episode. This show serves two purposes it is hilarious as well as a way to solve family problems.

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