Death Note

January 11, 2012
By Integer1 SILVER, Plainsboro, New Jersey
Integer1 SILVER, Plainsboro, New Jersey
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Death Note, a popular anime series, has both pros and cons. In order, to understand the views on this series, it is necessary for some background information to be stated. The setting is mostly in Japan, but takes place first at an international conference. Basically, a genius boy named Light Yagami, finds a notebook laying on the lawn. He then figures out that he has no ordinary notebook. Soon he finds out that the name of the person that is written in this notebook shall die. There are various other rules, which you will find out once you've watched it. The whole story is moved forward and spiced up by L, the world’s greatest detective, who forms an interesting investigation team to find the Death Note user, which as stated above is Light Yagami. The story takes an unwinding twist at the point where the viewer would never think Light would be caught. A major controversy in this anime series is the fact that the great detective, L, dies, whose spot is later taken by his so called "successor". This takes a lot of the suspense out of the series. However, overall this anime series was the best I’ve watched, and is somewhat realistic, with the exception of the death god. Ultimately, I would recommend this series to those who need a taste of suspense and realism. You can easily watch all episodes of Death Note at and a lot of other anime. Although this series is short, it will always keep you hooked, no matter what the situation appears to be.

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