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December 1, 2011
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Someone who has never seen the show Family Guy, I really recommend they watch it. If you’re thinking “nah I’m good” you’re missing out. Watch one good episode and you will love it. Family Guy is, in my opinion, the funniest show on TV. Every episode they do something new. They do this by doing so much random stuff which also makes the show that much funnier. Now I will give examples of why the show is so good. It’s random which makes every episode different. Everything being different all of the time makes it funny.

The” randomness” of Family Guy is awesome. There are three main ways they make it random. They are always saying something completely random. The episode will have a main topic or two, and then randomly they will have a character say something way off topic. Which is the exact same thing with, they always do something random. This is done the same way with how they say random things. The last and best way they use “randomness” is, they show random clips. This is done by throwing these clips in usually right after a character says something random. So they use random sayings to set up the random clips. So this leads me to my next topic.

Family Guy is always new and different, which is what keeps the show so funny. To start off Peter (dad) is always doing something new. He buys new things to try new things. Everything he buys or does is usually really funny. Then there is Stewie and Brian (the baby and the dog) who also are always doing something together. A lot of the time they go on adventures. Last of all they’ve always got a joke for someone. They are always pulling pranks on each other and joking around, which gives the show variety and keeps people laughing.

The show is just hilarious. They always say funny thing, do funny things and show funny things. These are all different from random things though. Almost every line in the whole show is funny. Basically, they are always saying funny things. Also, of course, they do funny things. They go on family trips and adventures all of the time. One of my favorites though is when they show clips. These are not random though and they are real life clips. They will show what ever has to do with what they are talking about.

To conclude what I said, I would have to say Family Guy is the best show on TV. I think this because it is random, they are always doing something new and overall it’s just funny. So, if you are someone who has never seen the show Family Guy watch it.

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