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December 1, 2011
By Afterbangs BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Afterbangs BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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What do I watch when I’m sitting on the couch by the TV? If you asked me I would tell you that I watch “The Office” which is my favorite TV show. It’s a combination of things that just make it hilarious. The best parts are the characters, Michael’s dumb ideas, and all the pranks that are pulled on Dwight. This is why it is such a good show.

If there’s going to be a funny show there has to be good characters, and especially the one dumb guy that gets picked on, and is the target for jokes and pranks. In “The Office” that would be Dwight. He is this geeky guy that sucks up to the regional manager, but is honestly pretty vain about himself. This leaves him vulnerable to pranks. Jim is this nice guy who likes jokes. He spends his day thinking up something new to do to Dwight. His accomplice is the receptionist named Pam. Pam is the girl that every guy who works at Dunder Mifflin, hits on. She, like Jim, never misses an opportunity to pick on Dwight. The only friend Dwight has is basically Michael. Michael is the regional manager and boss. He is way too vain, and tries to be funny. Everyone humors him, but they don’t like him that much. Those are the main characters, but even the minor ones get dragged into Michael’s dumb plans.

Michael tries to make himself look better by having all these “great” ideas. Every time he has an idea, he drags his reluctant workers to do it with him. Its an inconvenience to them, but he doesn’t give them an option. An example is when they have “Diversity Day” and a guy comes to talk to them to avoid racism in the office. After he’s done Michael decides that he could do his own that would be a lot better. It’s a huge fail, but since Michael is naïve he thinks it was a great success. He also was bored so he decided to get a basketball game going between the office workers and the warehouse workers. He places bets on whoever loses has to work on Saturday without asking his team if they were okay with it or not. When his team is ahead he ends the game so that they win. Even though they win, the office people still have to work on Saturday since Michael is scared of the warehouse workers. In one of the early episodes Michael is told he leads a soft, safe life. To prove that there are risks, Michael plans on faking a suicide in which he would jump off the roof. He is finally talked out of it so he didn’t get hurt. With all these dumb ideas the workers need something to keep them going.

When Jim is stressed, or bored he does the only thing that he knows will cheer him up. He pulls a prank on Dwight. Multiple times Dwight has opened his drawer to find his stapler in Jello. Pam and Jim team up and send him letters that he thinks are from the C.I.A. He believes that the C.I.A. wants him for a mission so he has to write a lot of personal stuff down that he would never tell anyone. In the end he is told to abort the mission and destroy his phone, which he does. When Jim transfers he still needs to find something to do so he goes back to Dwight. This time he starts sending faxes from Dwight’s “future self.” He is told the coffee is poisoned and he makes sure no one drinks coffee at all cost. Dwight also has found his stuff inside the vending machine and had to buy it all back. These pranks are how they usually end a show.

With all the characters, dumb ideas, and pranks on Dwight, there isn’t a reason to not watch “The Office.” I think that that is why “The Office is pretty much the best show out there on television. When all of these things are put together, they form a combination that I love. It’s just hilarious, and I always want to know what is going to happen to poor Dwight in the next show. Even if I might guess I doubt I’ll be right because there’s always something that I never would have thought of. It just makes me want to see more. That’s why I turn on “The Office” when I’m watching television.

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