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December 1, 2011
By Anonymous

One of my favorite episodes of Mythbusters is when Adam says “Am I missing an

eyebrow!?” The explosion happened because he was being a little reckless with the experiment

(This will be explained later). The reasons why it’s my favorite show is because it’s interesting, it

never gets old and it’s funny.

Mythbusters interesting to me because I get to see all sorts of explosions that I never

would have gotten to see in my entire life time. Without that show, I might have never been

aware of the things that could explode in my own home! The experiments are fun to

watch because some of the time they do experiments that I could do at home. Also,

sometimes they are dumbfounded by the simplest things that are so obvious I can understand.

The way the cast often interact in ways that are childish like pranking each other,

scaring each other, and taunting one another, but, as we all know that makes for great

television. There are also some moments in the show that are full of suspense. Like for

example, when the explosives don’t detonate or they’re climbing a tall building and the

equipment fails. All of this is very important to the show because if it’s not interesting, there’s no

point to watch the show.

The reason why it never gets old is because most of the jokes are so strange it makes

me laugh. Mostly because I can hear the jokes in a different way, because they’re so

random lose track sometimes. The jokes come from so many people. It’s hard not to laugh at

one of them. Especially, one that comes from Jamie, because his jokes are well thought out and

are hard not to laugh at. The re-runs are almost always a different episode because there are so

many, and that makes them easy to watch again. I also learn new things during the re-runs because I’ve heard the joke before and pay attention to something else. Also, it helps when I

hear it for the second time, to keep it in my head. It’s also very important that the episodes

never get old because the experiments take a while to film and edit. So, their fans get stuck with

lots of re-runs, waiting for new episodes.

One reason why it’s funny; is that the cast, as mentioned before, often prank each

other in a funny, but mean, way. Then again this may not be considered a “prank”, but

usually the people who are most afraid of the myth, are the ones that usually end up

testing the myth. They’ve also had various contests, between Adam and Jamie, about who

can build a better hovercraft or who can win a tug of war. The other cast members compete

too, but it’s not nearly as funny as the Adam vs. Jamie competitions. I have special relation

with, what I believe is the very first commercial of the show. It had Bigfoot complaining that

the Mythbusters would prove he doesn’t exist. But, the funny thing is, the Mythbusters don’t do

those kinds of myths.Therefore it’s important that the show is funny because if it wasn’t it’d be

tiresome to watch all the re-runs.

In conclusion, I find the show interesting because I can see explosions, learn what

not to try at home, and have a laugh while doing so. That’s why, I think it’s interesting, why it

never gets old, and why I think it’s funny, making Mythbusters my favorite TV show. Now to

explain what led up to Adam saying the “Am I missing an eyebrow?” quote. The way I

remember it, they, the Mythbusters, were testing something about fire, and the pressure it

creates, in an enclosed space. Adam, as smart as he is, was leaning over the container, when

the lid flew off from all the inside pressure of the fire trying to escape, thus burning Adam’s

eyebrow off. What makes it funnier is that, Adam just so happened to have a date that night.

He said he and the woman are doing just fine, even with that strange first date. But most of

all, do not try to do what they do, They’re Experts! But, if you insist in doing it, don’t be

like Adam and burn you eyebrow off.

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on Aug. 21 2017 at 4:40 pm
Realjay41 DIAMOND, Culpeper , Virginia
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Omg! Before I was obsessed with Teen wolf, I was obsessed with this show! I had a lot of fun!


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