Deadliest Warrior

October 7, 2011
By JacobG. SILVER, Yuma, Arizona
JacobG. SILVER, Yuma, Arizona
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A show for definitely for men and tomboys! This series is about two legendary warriors, sometimes a world apart, fighting to the death. I have very little contradictions for this show. Despite the fact it sounds like that it just sounds like a bloody show meant to appease the bloodlust of modern day society, it is quite the opposite. This series has a very educational value to it. In this show, not only do you learn who will probably win in a fight to the death, you learn about historic weapons and tactics. I.e. the Shoalin (excuse the spelling if incorrect) versus the Maori warrior. I learned that the Shoalin monk was actually a pacifist. And in the case of the Jesse James versus Al Capone, I learned who Jesse James was and why he was famous during the Old west time. I also learned that a expert gunslinger can pull out a pistol and fire in .284 seconds. The one and only contradiction, the experiments are a little flawed. Granted, in some cases this isn’t the truth, but they only go off what descendants and historians can do. I’m sure that the battles would end in a different way if it was possible to bring real life warriors in for testing. And I’m not an idiot. I know that they can’t go back in time and get a Viking or William Wallace to make an appearance on the show.

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