Queer as Folk

July 21, 2011
By BadKindOfLucky BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
BadKindOfLucky BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
\"Basic rule of advertizing and eternal damnation: Once you sell your soul to the devil, he holds the copyright.\" -Brian QAF (wanted to put additional quote by Harvey Milk...space did not suffice)

Queer as Folk has been a favorite show of mine for a few years now. It ran between 200-2005 and is no longer current so I went out and bought the DVDs. It's a show about a group of gay guys and their lesbian friends.
The story lines and character arcs are absolutely magnificent. Every episode I watch is so incredibly full I feel like I'm watching a movie. The camera angles are very good and so is the lighting. One particular trick they use a lot is ramping. All the characters are developed and there is never an episode that excludes a particular character or revolves around just one character.
The show is filled with this touchable, sublime darkness, but at the same time never loses it's humor or light. Queer as Folk does a great job of portraying real life. The people are never unbelievable in their endeavors.
If you step back and look at this show there are a lot of things you could say about it. Some people can only handle a light, frilly TV view of the world and that's okay...just know this show isn't for you. But, if you're the type who loves to be pulled deeper into a world of dark, seductive drama and cry, laugh, and make love with the characters who you start to think of as people...watch QAF now. It will test your personal limits and make you think about how you view the world. In my opinion, it is an A+ show.

The author's comments:
May not be suitable for younger viewers...
The TV show...not the review

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