Modern Family

July 1, 2011
In a television industry dominated by the presence of reality TV shows such as "Jersey Shore" and singing or dancing competitions such as "American Idol" and "Dancing with the Stars," it's hard to find a show on TV these days based solely on the merits of an actor's talent. One sitcom that has proved that a talent in acting is still respectable and inviting to viewers is the show "Modern Family." Based around three different families, modern family is a humorous take on the different sorts of families that we see in the 21st century. We are able to see the dynamics of the more traditional family with the conservative dad, the daughters who seem to be growing up too quickly, and the hardworking mother who attempts to balance both career and family all at once; not a far cry from the roles of today's family. Furthermore, the show takes on in a sense a very realistic approach as the other two storylines center around the relationship between two same-sex partners and the complicated yet endearing bond between an old man and his much younger wife.
When I first saw “Modern Family,” it instantly became my favorite show to watch; I had to catch every episode. “Modern Family” is genuinely authentic and the chemistry between the cast is really what differentiates it from its television counterparts. The thing that I loved most about “Modern Family” is that the storylines engulfed in the episodes are not afraid to push the envelope and have the courage to display that although family may come in all different types, when it comes down to it, family are the people who will always be there for you. On TV and in the real world, so many people try to paint this stereotype of the normal and traditional family when in reality, there is no such thing as the normal family. “Modern Family” is not only a fun comedy to watch, but exposes the truth that the term “family” is not subject to one definition, but is simply the characterization of those around us who will be there for us through thick and thin, to laugh and cry with us, to support us through anything.

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