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May 30, 2011
By , sandy, UT
“Modern Family,” a TV show that just finished its second season, is a funny mocumentary about three families; the Pritchett, Delgado, and Dunphy families. Each of these families is based on a type of family that is in society today.
What I mean by this is the Pritchett family has a twelve year old, Manny, and his mom, Gloria, is in her thirties and her husband, Jay, who is the father of one of the adults in each of the other two families, is in his sixties. He met Gloria at a party he was throwing after his wife left him and Gloria was the bartender, and she was in a bikini, and she caught his eye. It is becoming more and more common in society to have a young wife when you are old and in this show it is showing some of the things that might go on in a family like that. An example of this is when Jay is watching Manny’s soccer game and sitting in a chair and when he tried to get up out of it he has a lot of trouble. Gloria, on the other hand, is running up and down the sidelines yelling at her son yelling both encouragement and criticism.
The Delgado family is a gay family. This type of family used to be very uncommon and frowned upon but now it is becoming more accepted in society. The Delgado’s are both guys and they adopted a little Asian baby, Lilly. Mitchell is Jay’s son and he is a lawyer and his partner is Cameron, who is a stay-at-home dad and takes care of Lilly. At first when I heard this show had a gay couple on it I was skeptical to watch it because gay people tend to show their emotions more, like kissing, and I didn’t want to see two guys kissing. But after watching the show I was very mistaken this family never kisses and they are so funny and I love watching the show because of them. I think this family was made to show some of the challenges this type of family might face. For example, for Mother’s Day Cameron was brought breakfast in bed by Mitchell and he was very offended, then later that day they are at the park for a mother’s day picnic with a bunch of families and all the mothers got a picture together and they wanted him to be in the picture. So there is Cameron standing in the middle of a bunch of ladies and he was very upset because he was a man, not a woman, he was very offended.
Then the last family is the Dunphy family. This family is the “normal” family. The parents are about the same age and they have three kids. Claire and Phil have a teen, Haley, a pre-teen, Alex, and a little kid, Luke. Haley is obsessed with her cell-phone and her boyfriend and she isn’t very smart. Alex, on the other hand, is very smart and takes advantage of how unintelligent her siblings are. Luke is the youngest child. He often does strange things like getting his head stuck in the banister or jumping on the trampoline with only his underwear and wearing a box on a his head. Claire is the oldest child of Jay. She was a crazy teen and she doesn’t want her kids to be like her so she is very overprotective. When she was a teen she was brought back to her house by the police wearing only her underwear and was wrapped in a blanket. Phil just wants to be the cool parent, and he thinks he is, but his daughters do not think so. He wanted to be cool so he befriended Haley’s boyfriend, with which she wasn’t happy about, which was kind of awkward…. Phil thinks his wife is too strict and needs to let up a little, so he is the nice guy in the family and Claire is the enforcer. Claire often refers to Phil as “the child she married.” Even though they have different parenting styles, they still love each other very much.
This show is just about the daily life of different types of families, but the scenarios are just exaggerated. It shows that even though these families are mad at each other, at the end of the day they all love each other. Every week I look forward to watching this show. This is a very family-friendly program. When you watch it, it may seem like this could be your kid, or your husband, etc. Every week I notice some little thing that happens in the show and in my life too. When Gloria was trying to convince Alex to wear a dress it reminded me of myself. I hate to wear dresses or skirts, and when I have piano recitals; as soon as the concert is over I go in the car and change into pants. Every week I am laughing at something that someone said on this show. For example, one week Luke had to do a report on Vincent van Gogh and he did a great job until he was closing his presentation and he said how Vincent van Gogh was warning us about aliens about to attack, and then Alex who was listening to the presentation calls in a worried tone to her mom. I love this show!

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Jsweetness said...
Jul. 21, 2011 at 9:17 am

I love this show too=). Your review was good; you described the family very accurately and i liked how you related the audience to the characters. My only critism is that alot of your sentences are longer than necessary. You put in alot of detail into your descriptions, which is great, but some things seem a little unnecessary. You don't have clarify that haley is in high school, alex is in middle school, and luke is the youngest. The way you describe them paints a general picture of their ag... (more »)

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