May 30, 2011
By Jane6 BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
Jane6 BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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Bones. With that title you pretty much get the impression that it is going to deal with bones. Well, you were right, but that is not the main point of the show. It is about this unlikely couple that would never seem to work, yet they both love each other. Whether or not they admit this to each other is whole other thing. It is funny and just a good time. Bones is a show that is not a waste of your time.

Bones is about the world's greatest forensic anthropologist and how she helps an FBI agent, Seeley Booth, solve murder cases. The forensic anthropologist, Temperance Brennen, is the best forensic anthropologist (which is a bone expert) in the world, she can tell you how a person died, if they broke their leg while riding a bike as a kid, and she can tell if they were a tennis player, or a construction worker. She truly is an amazing doctor. This is why the Booth calls her Bones. At first Temperance hates being called Bones but after awhile she gets use to it and accepts it. They grow close as well as some of the other great characters in this show. Such as, Hodgens and Angela, they are also a very unlikely couple. Yet, they have gotten through their rough times and now are married and have a baby boy.

Temperance is very logical and takes everything seriously. When she tries to make a joke it is very logical and based on facts, so no one else understands her jokes. It makes the show very entertaining to watch. Bones and Booth are the perfect couple for each other and they once tried to see how it went and it didn't end good so they ended it. Yet they still have feelings for each other and won't admit it, everyone else can see that they still have feelings but if they talk about it Booth or Brennen get mad at them and tell them to stop it.

Booth, on the other hand is the guy who makes a joke out of everything. He is a very likeable guy. Before he became an FBI agent he was a sharp shooter. He never misses a shot. Seeley feels very guilty for taking so many lives as a sharp shooter so, he wants to save that many lives, or put away that many bad guys so he is equaled out and will still make it to heaven. That is another difference between Temperance and him, Booth is very religious and Brennen could care less.

Bones is now on its sixth season, my family and I love to watch Bones because it is always entertaining even if you have seen the episode several times. Every Thursday we race to the TV to watch it. You can always get a good laugh out of this wonderful show. I will say though that this show is not for everyone, it has some pretty gruesome images. I would recommend that if you watch be prepared to see some gross "bodies". Even with this con it is a great show. I will watch this show forever. I am absolutely in love with this show I look forward to it every week and am sad that the season is over but, I am excited for the next one.

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groomgirl said...
on Sep. 16 2011 at 11:14 am
love this show


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