May 30, 2011
By Jane6 BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
Jane6 BRONZE, Sandy, Utah
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Castle is my favorite, hands down, TV show on TV right now. It is so funny and has the right mixture of the right elements. Castle is a wonderful detective show. It is not too creepy, it even has a love story in the plot line, and it has great action. The show gives a new, fresh spin on detective shows.

It is about a murder mystery writer, Richard Castle (Rick), who needs some inspiration for his next novel; when a copycat killer goes out on a rage and starts killing people like the murders in his books. Castle gets caught up in this case, and the head detective. He calls up his friend the mayor to tell the detective that he wants to help on the case and help solve murders for research. He is good friend of the Mayor, so he gets a few strings pulled for him, and ends up following this very strong women detective, Kate Beckett, around on cases. He is a very funny guy. He is basically a twelve year old in an adult body with lots of cash, which can be a dangerous combination. He really enjoys helping Kate out with some interesting cases. She is quite annoyed with him, most of the time because, he can’t take anything seriously plus he never listens to anyone but himself. Beside their differences they are a perfect couple.

Kate is the girl who can have any guy she wants but dates very little. She is too focused on her job. Her job means a lot to her. Her reasoning for becoming a NYPD detective was because of her mother, who was murdered when Kate was a teen. Her mother’s case was never solved. Kate will never give up on her mother, even if there are no leads, and it risks her life. Without admitting it, she starts to fall for Rick. She enjoys seeing him every day. They start to open up to each other. She doesn’t want to get hurt or actually fall for him so she hides her feelings for him. She is very smart and loves her job.

Castle is a very interesting guy. He always lightens the mood with jokes. He really cares for Kate and will never leave her side even if it risks his life. Castle lives with his daughter and his mother has moved in with him. His daughter is the most important thing to him. He may be an irresponsible adult but he is a great father. He and his wife are divorced. She is never really a character in the show. But, his daughter, Alexis, is a very smart student and is a great daughter.

Castle has just finished its third successful season. It is going to have at least a few more good seasons. It always gives my family and I a laugh. Because, it will always give you a laugh, even when it is serious they throw in some good jokes. We love watching it and are super excited for next season. Everyone needs this entertaining show on their schedule. ABC has done a great job with this detective show. I just can't wait until this fall.

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