May 30, 2011
My favorite show Glee has just started its second season. It is a TV show about a group of kids in high school who are in the glee club. I think this show has a great message, because it shoes that doing what you love might not always be the cool thing to do, but it is better to stay true to you then to try and fit in.

This show has all the common high school stereotypes in it. However, through the show you learn that people are not always what they appear to be. Finn is a jock, but you learn that he secretly loves singing and would sing in the shower. He thought it was uncool to sing, but when his Spanish teacher forces him to join the glee club, Finn learns that it is okay to do something different. Glee also addresses other high school concerns like bullying and dating. In the show, Kurt gets bullied daily, because he is gay. However, the character Kurt sends a positive message, because he never lets the bullies get to him and doesn’t change for the people who aren’t comfortable with the way he is. This show also addresses the ups and downs of dating in high school. The main character Rachel dates a rival high school’s glee club’s head singer. In the end, she realizes that he didn’t actually like her, but was trying to sabotage her team. Rachel gets upset over it, but knows that she has to move on and can’t let it affect her performance.

Glee has started a phenomenon all across the country. Students in high school have seen singing in a new light. Now more students find it fun and cool to be in a glee club. Singing and dancing has always been a big movie craze in Hollywood, but now more than ever are people enjoying the talented musical actors.

People of all ages enjoy this show. The storyline is about all different kinds of students in a regular high school who all come together for this club. This plot appears to kids, because kids can relate to the characters and enjoy watching a show about people who go through the same things that they do. Glee shows high school for what it really is, it doesn’t try to make high school seem glamorous or scary. The glee club teacher, the cheerleading coach, the football coach, the school counselor, and the principal are also big characters in the show. These characters appeal to the adults. Adults find it enjoyable to see other adults trying to balance a job and a life. This shows how life doesn’t get easier when you are grown up; work is just like being back in high school.

The best part of the show, however, is the songs. The show includes old songs and current songs. The songs are also all different genres, so the music appeals to everyone. In Glee, the songs always perfectly match what is going on in the show. This show shows how music can express how you feel and your emotions.

Overall, I think this show is truly an educational show. It addresses high school and the stereotypes, bullying, and love that happens. It also addresses growing up, and how people don’t always change. I really enjoy watching this show, because the musical and dance performances are always very entertaining. Also, it is interesting to watch a show that gives you a message in such a creative and enjoyable way.

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jimmyg said...
Jul. 11, 2011 at 11:51 am
Excellent article and good anaylsis. A show that can be enjoyed by the whole family while creating topics to discuss crucial to life.
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