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May 21, 2011
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Psych you out in the end. I know, you know… Oh, I’ve had the theme song for this series stuck in my head since I saw the first episode. Can you think of a T.V. show that has murders and uplifting hilarious characters and comedic dialogue? An intense and intriguing plot, every episode? Great and inviting beginnings? Well, you get it all on the USA series “Psych,” created by Steve Franks.

“Psych” is a unique mystery-comedy-detective-action-and-drama-packed program with surprising conclusions to each episode, set mainly in the Santa Barbara police department. James Roday stars as Shawn Spencer, “psychic” for the Santa Barbara police. Each episode involves Shawn using the detective instincts that his dad taught him at a young age to convince the chief of police to solve a murder case based on his so-called psychic abilities.

When I first watched this show, my impression was that the characters were shallow and this was just another crime show. Once I continued, I found that the characters came alive. The show features an amazing fit between actors and actresses and their roles, such as Shawn’s best friend, Burton Guster (Dule Hill) who creates great handshakes, or the only “sane” character with a real job, a pharmacist who is known as Magic Head, Control Alt Delete, or Gus. The series includes a range of characters: Detective Carlton Lassitor (Timothy Omundson), a socially awkward head detective who has second thoughts about Shawn’s abilities; Buzz McNab, my favorite cop, a bit clueless, who seems to trust Shawn and Gus; Henry Spencer (Corbin Bersen) a retired cop and Shawn’s dad, who encourages Shawn to use his abilities whenever possible; and, finally, Detective Jules O’Hara, Lassitor partner‘s and a tough girl whom Shawn has admired ever since he met her. This wild range of characters has captured my imagination, loving them from intense to hilarious moments.

The show was named the winner of an Independent Investigation Group, and James Roday won the Satellite Award for best actor. The rating from the public is 4.51 stars, and its more than six million viewers have made this the highest rated cable scripted series since 2006. This show includes hilarious relations to a cat, great costumes and backdrops, inviting titles and themes, smart references to celebrities, actors, and other shows, and unexpected plots. The consistently intriguing actors and actresses and clever plot are pulled off perfectly.

These actors, plots, and dialogue and a great reason to watch “Psych.” The theme song, written by The Friendly Indians, is catchy and unforgettable. “Psych” is just what you need on a Wednesday night to polish off your day.

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BookOwl said...
Sept. 19, 2011 at 12:20 am
Oh i love Psych, it's one of my favorite shows. You did an awesome job with the review :)
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