Secret Millionaire

April 14, 2011
By pnoga35 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
pnoga35 BRONZE, Auburn, New York
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Imagine yourself a millionaire, you own a giant corporation, so what do you do next? How about going undercover in a poor neighborhood? Well, that’s what happens in this emotional and heart-pulling T.V. series. The most recent episode consisted of the couple that started Curves, Gary and Diane Heavin, who went to live in Houston’s “Third Ward” for six days. While living there hey had to live off food stamps for two people, which is about $90 (approximately), and live in an average apartment in the area. Over the course of five days the millionaire(s) visit the surrounding area looking for places to volunteer their services. They tell the people they encounter that they are apart of a T.V. series about ordinary people looking for volunteering opportunities to give back to their communities. They usually find about three places and visit them twice throughout the course of their stay and on the sixth day they go back to each place they volunteered at and reveal to the people they worked with there that they are successful business people and millionaires, they also give each place an amount of money based on what they feel each organization deserves. In this particular episode, Gary and Diane visited a group called “The Lazarus House” which is a home that helps people with chronic medical illnesses hat cause muscle waste. Gary and Diane gave them $100,000 to buy the house out of which they work. Next they visited another group called “No More Victims, Inc.”, which is a support group for kids with one or both parents in jail/prison and their goal is to stop that cycle. “No More Victims, Inc.” was given 50,000 dollars to expand their group into other areas. Finally, they visited the Sean Ashley Home a day rehab center for adults with autism. Gary and Diane connected with one of the adults there named Jeremy who earlier in the show wanted a pair of sunglasses from a man. They ended up giving the organization 250,000 dollars to expand their group and they then gave Jeremy a pair of sunglasses and his attitude and facial expressions made you think that they worth more then all the money that Gary and Diane gave out. Secret Millionaire is a touching show that show that shows us that wealthy people aren’t just greedy people and the emotions definitely tug at the heart strings This is a great show for those of all ages, I recommend it to all who are looking for something to do on a Sunday night

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