The Bachelor

March 21, 2011
By whitles BRONZE, Carver, Minnesota
whitles BRONZE, Carver, Minnesota
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I started watching the show The Bachelor in 2006. From that season on I kept watching it whenever a new season would be on. The Bachelor is the perfect example of a modern day reality TV show. In this day and age, love is not that easy to find. However, everyone wants to find it somehow. This show allows contestants to have to opportunity to find love. Although some things on the show may be scripted or planned, viewers don’t seem to care. The Bachelor is one of the highest rating reality TV shows in America. Viewers gather every Monday night to watch the addicting show. Every season comes new drama that is addicting for any viewer to see. As the years of the show go on, the drama seems to get more and more intense and that is what America loves about it. The show provides all the essential items a reality TV shows need. It provides adventure, love, and of course scandals. This show is also appealing to both men and women. Everyone has their favorite person on the show from the beginning, and they have to keep watching each week to see if they end up winning. Overall, The Bachelor is a successful reality TV show that has faithful viewers all across America hooked.

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