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Cop Shows

March 3, 2011
By Bubblegum267 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
Bubblegum267 BRONZE, Ashburn, Virginia
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There are so many different murder mystery shows out there its ridiculous. And they’re all different too! There are different types some way more serious then others. I personally enjoy the more humorous ones. The shows like Law and Order are way more serious and focuses a lot on the trials. I don’t like them because of that. I personally don’t find it that interesting watching the boring court proceedings. There are older shows from the 70’s that are a lot like that (Matlock and Perry Mason) but they were much more funny compared to Law and Order.

The ones that I really enjoy are Psych, NCIS, Bones, and The Mentalist. Psych is really funny with a slightly insane and annoying “psychic” who notices tiny details. He works in Santa Barbra and solves extremely weird cases that no one else can figure out. It has an interesting cast of characters with the gruff boss/father, the whiney coworker, and the reluctant sidekick. NCIS has its mix of different characters personalities too, from the class clown, and the strict boss to the assassin. They investigate murders inside the Navy and are so dysfunctional it’s surprising they can get anything accomplished. Bones is probably my favorite one of all with a forensic anthropologist, Dr. Brennan, who helps the FBI solve murder mysteries. Dr. Brennan, more commonly known as Bones, is a socially awkward genius that has a knack for finding the information needed for solving cases while confusing and annoying everyone. The Mentalist is a show with an ex-psychic, Patrick Jane, who is on a revenge trip trying to find a murderer Red John ?. Red John was the man that murdered Jane’s family. On his quest for justice he ends up locking up other baddies. He has unusual ethics, which tend to annoy his coworkers, but they always get their guy.

I’ve always enjoyed watching 70ís cop shows like Adam-12 and my favorite, Matlock. It has an older Andy Griffith in it solving murders and generally being cheap. He is a defense attorney in Georgia and usually gets very involved in the case. I also like the remake of Hawaii 5-0, which I find better than the original. Steve McGarret comes back home after his father’s murder. The governor then asks him to form a special unit for the Honolulu police department. Although some of the things that take place are completely improbable it’s still very fun to watch.

There are so many different types of cop shows it’s kind of hard to find one you don’t like. There are the very funny and the very boring and everything in between. I’ve always loved cop shows and I think I always will. They’re suspenseful and test your logic, two things that make this genre of TV irresistible.

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