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February 28, 2011
By KaylaKandiBear BRONZE, Streamwood, Illinois
KaylaKandiBear BRONZE, Streamwood, Illinois
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In the United Kingdom, Skins is a beloved show that has captured the hearts of millions of British teenagers. It features new casts of characters every two seasons, each bringing their own unique problems, secrets, and dreams. Recently the United States featured a remake of the famous show on MTV. Let's just say it did not live up to the hype.
I won't be blunt about it. The remake of the show--the first episodes at least, were pretty bad. Not terrible, mind you. But much was left to be desired. The first episode was exactly like the first UK episode (done on purpose). However, it was not nearly engaging. The new cast has so-so actors making weak attempts at capturing the personality and angst of the characters the UK cast protrayed so well. The beloved character of Tony has been made from a charmingly bad bad-boy into a somewhat annoying rapscallion. And the characters of Maxxie and Jall-they were completely butchered, turned into Tea and Daisy (changing entire genders?). When it comes down to it, the new cast is not as good as the original cast, period.
However, it shouldn't be all bad. MTV has announced they are going to deviate from the original plotline a bit to make room for something new. Maybe now the television series so endeared by millions of fans won't be subject to teenage sex-drugs-and rock n' roll overkill.
But it's MTV (Jersey Shore, Teen Mom...quality television, huh?) so...I'm not going to hold my breath.

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