Desperate Housewives

February 18, 2011
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Realistic of not?
TV dramas seem so unrealistic and exaggerated, but yet we continue to watch them. In the show “Desperate Housewives,” drama fills the community to extremes and incidents occur almost too frequently. It’s amazing to compare your life to that of a drama filled, exaggerated lifestyle and look for similarities and differences. In this show, drama takes over the lives of four women along with their families. Secrets are discovered, lies are realized, and rumors start murmuring. They call it reality TV but how much of it is reality?
Geared for the adult generation, the show’s humor may be mature and inappropriate for younger viewers, but yet teens continue to watch it. Humor is apparent but often based off of others flaws, “Wow, get a load of you. You look so pretty. I hardly recognize you.” Whether people watch it for the content or for a good chuckle, their reviews prove that the show is still a big hit. The hour of drama and action filled craziness keeps viewers interested and yearning for more.
From a kid’s perspective, “Desperate Housewives” can give you an hour of vacation and a mental break. Although it can give you a false interpretation of society, it can also allow you to make connections. Affairs, deaths, financial struggles, gossip, and unfortunately murders, are all a part of life, whether we experience them hands on or hear about them. Similar cases are developed in “Desperate Housewives,” which allows you to connect, but then again, they can take these incidents beyond exaggeration.
Fate occurs in a person’s life, but in “Desperate Housewives” fate is a factor in just about everything. Its seems like a little too much fate in this show for it to be considered a reality, but then again, that’s why so many people continue to watch it every Sunday. How much reality seems realistic appears to be one of the least concerns of the actual show. As long as the ratings are high, reality seems to play a minor factor in the script.
Reality is something we all live through, so without the exaggeration characterized in this show. It can be assumed that it would lose its viewers with comments along the line of “It’s such a bore!” So how much is a TV show willing to risk? Well, if it revolves their rating they are willing to exaggerate just about everything.
Even though scenes may seem unrealistic, it’s a great show that I give 4.5 out of 5 stars. It keeps me entertained, amused, and yearning for more. With the show ending in its seventh season, its drama is only building to the final climax that nobody can wait to see. I can give up how realistic the show is as long as it keeps me entertained which is easily does.

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