Being Human

February 16, 2011
Everybody wrestles with who he or she is, how to deal with life, and what is thrown at you during it. The brand new show “Being Human” on the Syfy channel follows the lives of three paranormal people and how they deal with life and the sad yearn they feel to be human. Adian is a vampire who chooses to not to live feed. It hurts him in the long run, and sometimes he slips up and drinks from a live person. He also deals with the pressure from other vampires in the area who aren’t so good at keeping people alive, but are very good at covering up for Adian when he makes a rare slip up.

Josh is Aden’s friend and roommate; he’s a werewolf; he as well as Adian works in the hospital which is where they first met. Adian has had since the revolutionary war to accept who he is Josh has only had two years and absolutely hates what he is. The way Josh looks at it, being a werewolf has ruined his life, he had to leave his fiancé, disown his family and in the first episode he almost killed his sister when she tried to find out what was wrong with him.

Adian and Josh try to keep a low profile about what they are but it is hard. They end up moving in together into an old house with loads of problems. When they buy the house they find a ghost inhabiting it. Sally’s demise was brought by making a wrong turn and falling down her stairs. This cracked her skull open. It happens that she cannot find closure and can’t leave the house. It’s the same house that she was proposed to in, first house she and her fiancé bought and now she can’t leave even though he’s not there. It’s been seven months and she still doesn’t know what to do. The most she can is sit and talk with Adian and Josh when they are home. When her emotions get out of control things happen, for example she has been known to make lights explode. In this coming season we will find out whether or not Sally will be able to leave, how Josh will learn to deal with who he is, and weather Aden can live a life away from vampires who kill for the feed.

For a show that is filled with paranormal, the effects are great. When Sally tries to go through something or something goes through her it looks very real. When the fangs on any of the vampires comes out you would think that they were real, or when Josh changes from human to wolf it looks very real too, well as real as turning into a werewolf can get at least. The make-up is also done wonderfully. When a body has to be covered in blood it looks as though it is, also when the Josh has to change every hair on his wolf body is put in place perfectly. It is very well done. Acting in this show is truly fantastic. I really believe it when they say something or get angry, unlike a show such as “Hannah Montana” or “90210”.

This is a show that people from 14 years to any age on up could enjoy this show. It has comedy, drama, action, and some adult humor. Though the three main characters are paranormal it deals with issues that all humans do too like ethics, and desires and whither to act on them or not, who we are, and how to live life. This is a great show for people who like modern fantasy, adult humor, a little bit of action, and slight gore. I strongly recommend this show; it is very new and would not take long to catch onto for anybody who is interested.

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SittingJackal25 said...
Mar. 9, 2011 at 9:35 pm
In my opinion, I think this show is awesome. I watch it every Monday, and it's slowly becoming one of my top shows. :)
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