Days of Our Lives

February 16, 2011
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When you hear the words soap opera what do you think? Do you think of an unrealistic world where drama is always in fashion? Before I became a frequent viewer of “Days Of Our Lives” I asked the same questions. My perception on soap operas was that the storylines were ridiculous and not credible. I thought, “What is this garbage? What kind of teenager would spend their time watching this (besides old women who have nothing better to do with their time)”? Rapidly, my beliefs regarding soap operas changed as I began to watch “Days Of Our Lives.” This soap opera thrilled me with its dramatic twist and turns, suspenseful plot lines, and its dynamic characters.

“Days of Our Lives” has proven to be a show worthy of watching. The program has thrived for the past forty-five years and still remains to be popular. Storylines captivate viewers with their intensity and drama. I became an avid fan of “Days Of Our Lives” in 7th grade when my Mom and Grandma lured me into watching it. Originally, I thought that I would be bored out of my mind and fall asleep. However, I became addicted to it. Dramatic elements attracted me to the show and always put me in a jocular mood. Each time I turned it on I instantly escaped to another world.

Mystery is a genre that I have always been passionate about reading and viewing on television. “Days Of Our Lives has suspenseful plots that make me ponder and keeps me entertained. The suspense makes me anxious and curious anticipating what will happen on the next episode. If horror is not your thing but you are in for suspenseful plot soap operas fits your circumstances. The mystery keeps me engaged and does not bore me.

Soap opera characters have always been considered to be unrealistic and overly dramatic. The public regards actors on soap operas as laughable and inexperienced. I consider this statement false because actors are a portion of what makes a good storyline. The actors on “Days of Our Lives” enrich their characters by adding dynamic layers. These layers include happiness, sadness, anger, and many other emotions. The actors are fabulous and contribute to be one of the reasons “Days Of Our Lives” has been popular for the last forty-five years. These actors bring a variety of emotions to the screen enhancing the drama in the storylines as well as improving the shows quality and suspense. Characters present in the show create drama, suspense, and dynamics hence creating a show worth watching.

“Days Of Our Lives” is a television show that every one of all ages should tune into. Through my viewing experience, I have learned that the show is not only for old Grannies, but for people of all ages searching for a show that contains the elements of suspense, mystery, and drama. The storylines are exaggerated realities, but the show maintains my interest. I am a “Days Of Our Lives” fan for its original storylines, suspenseful plots, constant drama, and the many dynamic characters. I encourage all teens to watch “Days” or other soap operas to experience the thrill and drama I am fortunate to have gained through my viewing experience.

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