Pretty Little Liars

February 13, 2011
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It’s Immortality, My Darlings

Four, pretty little liars from the Hollywood of today, Rosewood Day, have captivated audiences in a journey worth following. The mystery teen drama television series is based on the series of novels written by Sara Shepard, who with the success of the tv show, extended her book series. Winning the 2010 Teen Choice Award for the category of Choice Summer TV Show, these four little liars have become the obsession of teenage girls everywhere.

In the summer of 7th grade, five best friends plan to have the greatest sleepover, ever. Four of them believe this will be the summer that will change their lives forever-but no one said Allison felt the same. Allison DiLaurentis, the “it” girl at Rosewood Day, brought them under her wing and cast them as her “it” group. Feeling special and at the top of the popularity chain, these four girls have no idea their perfect lives will come crashing down for a rude awakening.

Emily Fields, Hanna Marin, and Spencer Hastings, all form different bonds with Allison, who rarely told them about her hidden, secret life. The night of their sleepover, Spencer and Allison have a huge fight, and Allison leaves without ever coming back. The next day, she is nowhere to be found. And three years later, the girls must deal with her sudden disappearance and the life of a girl who will never be forgotten, yet rarely missed.

After Aria’s departure to Iceland in 7th grade, the girls are torn apart and separated into different social groups. Now, all juniors, Aria comes back to find Emily, a top-notch swimmer, Hanna as the “it” girl, and Spencer as the valedictorian with above-outstanding accomplishments. Allison’s funeral day comes, and news broadcasters are still curious of her disappearance. After the four girls meet up, they each receive a text message from an anonymous sender that calls themselves “A”. A says they know everything, but how much do they really know? At least “A” knows to never trust a pretty girl with an ugly secret.

With the death of their best friend, each girl faces problems of their own as well as figuring out who “A” is. Aria Montgomery must face the fact that her family is falling apart, and sets a trap for herself as she proceeds to have a flirty, secret relationship with her, oh so juicy, English teacher, Mr.Fitz. Emily Fields must figure out her sexuality and abrupt feelings for Maya St. Germain, the new girl who moves into Allison’s old house. Spencer Hastings’ irresistibility for her sister’s boyfriends also builds a wall between the already growing jealously brewing inside of Spencer against her overly talented sister Melissa. Hanna Marin has to keep herself at the top of the school, but how far will she really go to win back her father’s affection as well as keeping her financial troubles wrapped up? Secrets are out and “A” is on the hunt to ruin some pretty lives.

As “A” continues to torture them with text messages and untraceable videos, the girls are forced to remember the night they made the biggest mistake with Allison. Planning to play a joke on Toby and Jenna Cavanaugh, brother and sister, Allison lights a firecracker and throws it into the garage. Unknowingly, Jenna is inside, and after Toby tries to save her, it is later announced that Jenna has gone blind. Somehow, Allison had taken care of the situation, and their secret was kept under locks. Toby Cavanaugh is accused of murdering Allison, but his intentions might not have lead him to commit such a felony. As different people are suspected as Allison’s killer, “A” reminds the girls that A is for Allison, not Amateur.

New challenges arise as their hunt to discover “A” turns from a curious endeavor to a dangerous encounter. New love triangles arouse, and maybe one boy will stand out, in the wrong way. In the first half of the season, “A” will help one of the girls out, as well as harm one of them. “A” cannot seem to make up their mind; viewers wonder if “A” has good intentions or if they just have split personalities.

I’d rate this TV Show as a 10 out of 10. US Magazine calls this show “Desperate Housewives: The Teenage Years.”, an eerily addictive series, and I must agree. It deals with all the issues teenagers in this day and age face today and brings in a twist of an intriguing mystery that you don’t want to miss. Pretty Little Liars airs every Monday at 7:58 EST so pop up some popcorn and tune in. Remember, the rich girls steal, the pretty girls lie, the smart girls play dumb, and the dumb girls try to play all the above.

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Wrote this for my school newspaper. Enjoy! I'm a huge fan of this TV show.

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