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January 27, 2011
By Anonymous

The show called “Cops” is a good show to watch. This show is about when cops deal with criminals and record everything they did well. They also interview the cop about what he feels of the case and what does he want to do about it. Cops takes place anywhere in the United States. They show how people get more in trouble for not cooperating with police officers. They record everything even is a dangerous place to be. Most of the crimes that are committed are possession of an illegal drug. They also have a lot of cases of people committing robbery. There are different kinds of cases but this are the most common ones. In the show they show everything from start to the end. They also record police chases, spikes strips road block, gun shooting, assault officers, prostitution and gang problems. The show it just what cops do everyday to keep us safe.

“Cops” is one of my favorite shows because sometimes it can be funny and sometimes interesting. The show makes me laugh and makes me put attention because sometimes there are people that don’t think they should be going to jail and sometimes there are people that should be in jail. The show has a really good camera man because you could everything really well and can actually see the whole thing. They also do a really good job of explaining to you the case and the rights people have. You should watch this show is really good and you won’t regret it.

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