The Unpredictable Jersey shore

January 18, 2011
There are many new TV shows out there that catch the public eye but one show particular stood out to me and that is jersey shore on MTV.This hit show has many viewers watching every Thursday night. They came back on there 2nd season in Miami ware things turned ugly in the house between roommates. The characters are consumed as regular people who come to live on a shore house in New Jersey ware they love to party and have fun, as most young people in there 20’s like to do. There are seven people in the house, four girls and four guys. The guys are Vinny, Paully D, Mike the Situation, and Ronnie. The girls are Sammy, jenny known as Jwow, snookii, and Angelina’s replacement Dena.
The new season kicked off with a bang, with the fight between jenny and Sammy which was because of the new roommate Dena. The fight had viewers on the edge of their seats. This season seems to have plenty of new drama and having fun as the first season did. Jersey shore is reality shows with characters that deal with situations that may be common to others weather its fitting in to a new group of people or finding out your boyfriend has been cheating on you. The show is really a simple show; the characters are what make the show a hit. With Pauly D and his famous quotes like “cabs are here” or “its tee-shirts time” and all the outrageous things the room mates do. Jersey shore is a show that’s very unpredictable and I am sure there will be a season four to come.

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