January 12, 2011
By Mece Johnson BRONZE, NewportNews, Virginia
Mece Johnson BRONZE, NewportNews, Virginia
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The show Jerseylicious has just started its second season recently on Style Network with a bang! This is one of the most entertaining shows that many people have grown to love. Being full of drama, hair, and makeup, the ratings have gone through the roof. This show takes place at a salon, called the Gatsby Salon, in New Jersey. The main stylists and managers have become well known for their misunderstandings and fights. The Gatsby Slon is a salon that serves hair, makeup, and a lot of drama.

The two owners of the Gatsby Salon are mother and daughter, Christy and Gayle Gatsby. Together their keep the money, business, and everyone’s drama in check. It has been a lot of work, especially in some episodes that involve drama with the makeup artist, Olivia, and the hairstylist, Tracy, where they fight over silly things and men!

Tracy is the main hairstylist and drama queen of the Gatsby Salon. She does exactly what she wants to do, no matter what anyone told her. Her style is big and, “Goddy”, just like any other Jersey girl in Jersey. Her hairstyle strengths are teasing hair and, that’s about all. Tracy’s favorite quote is,” The higher the hair, the closer you are to heaven.” Along with working at the Gatsby, she also has at lot of drama with her co-worker and enemy, Olivia. Their fights are over silliness and to most, the spotlight moments of the show.

Olivia is the makeup artist in training at the Gatsby Salon, being taught by Alexa, The Glam Fairy. Olivia is funky, fun, and tan! She quote is “The more bronzer you have on, the more you look like a trophy girl.” Along with working at the famous Gatsby, she also works for the glam fairy herself, Alexa, who really does quite frighten Olivia at times.

Alexa, the Glam Fairy, is another makeup artist, who chooses to work at the Gatsby for fun, as a makeup artist. She is a big time makeup artist in Jersey and New York. Alexa means business when it comes to being the Glam Fairy and working with clients. She really puts the pressure on Olivia to keep up with her standards to one day become a Glam Fairy. But lately, since Olivia has been working with her, business has been booming!

Anthony and Gigi , are both popular hairstylists at the Gatsby Salon that are known for being funny, bubbly, and full of energy. They are very talented stylists, but much more of laid back, stay out of drama kind of people. But please don’t get them confused because they really do know how to party it up! They really are more like the peacemakers around the salon, who know how to settle the drama.

Jerseylicious is the show to watch, if you take interest in drama, makeup, and lots of hair! It’s full of smack talking women that have everyday lives in the Gatsby Salon. Just remember, Big hair is cool at any age, at the Gatsby Salon!

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