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January 12, 2011
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The Tyra Show has had many amazing and inspiring seasons and episodes. Even though her show has recently ended this year, her legacy will still continue to live through many of her other shows. Many lives have been changed since being on The Tyra Show especially young adults.
For instance on one show a group of teens wanted to have a better relationship with their mothers so they opened up to them on national T.V with Tyra. These teens opened up about their thoughts, feelings, and secrets. Some secrets included teens opening up about losing their virginity. This episode was very emotional for both the mothers and teens but it just brought them closer.
On one episode that was a complete shock to me, but in my opinion was the most interesting, is when a group of African-American women bleach their skin. These women shared that they bleach their skin because they feel that the lighter your skin is the more accepted you are in society. The one thing that broke my heart was that on woman not only bleaches her skin but also her children’s! I think that it is not only wrong for her to bleach her skin but also her kids, because you should teach them how to love themselves for who they are. Another lady felt like she needed to bleach her skin so bad that she actually poured liquid bleach into a hot, damp rag onto her skin! Just imagine how that would feel. The reaction to her skin was even worse! Her skin began to burn like crazy. As she explained, “It felt like someone lighting my face on fire with a torch!” Not only did the bleach made her skin burn but it also mad her skin darker than what it really was.

There were even more entertaining episodes like when Tyra held debates about certain issues. One debate on The Tyra Show included parents debating whether or not parents should spank their kids. There were to sides to the debate. One side was the parents think they should spank kids, the other side was thought it is wrong to. One parent said she still spanks her kid when he is 16. I personally think that it isn’t wrong for parents to spank but that it isn’t right either. To me there comes a limit to whoopings, I feel that it is okay to spank kids as long as it doesn’t come to the point of abuse.

Another topic discussed on The Tyra Show was Tyra’s own B.I.O campaign which stands for Beauty Inside and Out. Every girl should know that they are beautiful no matter what color they are or how much they weigh, and that is Tyra’s mission in life to do so. What color they are or how much they weigh, and that is Tyra’s mission in life to do so. Tyra Banks legacy and success will live on forever no matter if she isn’t continuing The Tyra Show.

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