No Ordinary Family

December 14, 2010
“Lightning strikes one of the plane’s engines and it loses altitude, plunging into a murky lake below.”
This is from the first episode of No Ordinary Family where the Powells, a modern day family, are enjoying a Brazilian vacation. Unexpectedly their plane is hit by lightning and crashes into an unknown lake. Luckily, the family makes it out alive, but changed.
Each family member obtained a different super power: The bald father, Jim (played by actor Michael Chiklis), has superior strength. The blond haired mother, Stephanie (Julie Benz), has amazing speed. The son, JJ (Jimmy Bennett), has an unparalleled brain and can even use it to play football. The daughter, Daphne (Kay Panabaker), is clairvoyant.
This show is actually out of the ordinary and provides action packed scenes, drama, and humor that keeps the show rolling. There is action when the father uses his super strength to stop a train and then take out the bad guys who are robbing it. There is drama when the daughter uses her mind reading ability to get a boy to like her and it all turns out wrong. There is humor when the father accidentally cut through the table when he heard his wife’s parents were coming.
During the episodes, the family members decide to use their powers to help needy people. In one show, JJ uses his super brain to learn how to perform surgery and saves someone’s life; his mom uses her incredible speed to perform this surgery quickly.
Watch No Ordinary Family on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm on ABC. Just remember, if you think your vacation is nothing out of the ordinary, you might want it to stay that way.

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Osvaldo_C said...
Jan. 13, 2011 at 5:57 pm
Go Brasil! Grande equipa de futebol. Boa comida. Agora obter poderes lá.
Osvaldo_C replied...
May 4, 2011 at 7:03 am
temporada 2?
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