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October 15, 2010
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Can you imagine seeing a form of entertainment that is absolutely breath- taking? Well, Glee fits that description perfectly! I would recommend Glee to because of it's amazing music, plot, and talented actors. Many people have already gotten hooked on this stunning form of entertainment! So don't be left behind; tune into Glee!

To begin with, the songs on Glee really know how to amaze everyone. Some people watch the show just to listen to the passionate singers belt their hearts out to the powerful, remixed tunes! First of all, these songs are not copy-and-paste remixes like some people think they are. The songs in Glee are one hundred percent original! Like many other songs in Glee, "Don't Stop Believing (Glee Cast Version)" is a great example of the originality. The song starts and ends in a new, revolutionary way: with a cool new beat! Now, this cool beat is centered on vocals, rather than the band. Which means it has even won many awards because of it's originality! For example, on a fan- based poll, this song was voted as the "a new and improved" remix with the year because of it's dramatic improvements! Also, some may think that a bunch of high school children could never be able to sing anything worth listing to... Facts prove those people would be wrong because the talented singers really are able to prove to everyone that watches that they really have talent. In January, I know that my family was simply stunned when I showed them Glee for the first time! "Their voices are simply perfect!" said a shocked family member just after watching this entertaining show. Overall, they really know how to touch people with their flawless singing across the country. In conclusion, for each amazing song, there is an equally great music video to go with it! A great example would be, "Bust the Windows Out Your Car." In this music video, the whole team of cheerleaders breaks out dancing in singing with Mercedes after she busts Kurt's windows. They were able to film this amazing music video in less than three shoots! Of course, that fact shook people who heard this so much because is seemed as if the cast could of spent years on this video alone! So, if you are looking for a great, music based form of entertainment, Glee has everything you are looking for!

Secondly, the plot of this show is the most entertaining plot I have ever seen! One of he things that make it such good entertainment is that, the plot is completely original and realistic. The characters' lives aren't prefect and everyone in Glee has their struggles, which makes up the realistic part. A great example would be a poll taken on popular web page,, which proved this point by asking, "Would you believe the characters' lives in Glee are real?" In the end, it turned out that majority of the people that took this poll answered yes! That survey showed me that I'm not the only one who thinks this show is very believable and realistic! Plus, it is so realistic that my mom started to cry during one episode because she "felt sorry for them." Another great thing about Glee is it is impossible to predict what twists and turns are going to show up in this thrilling form of entertainment. I always find my self in shock after watching Glee as an after effect of being shocked so many times. Which is strange, fore I am not shocked that much by things anymore! Critic J. R. Mason, a famous critic, once even stated, "This plot is the definition of unpredictable." Everyone I know couldn't agree more! They say that several times they are reminded of Glee's creative twist on things during their everyday lives. Lastly, the plot has helped me become more understanding and sympathetic towards others. I am really be able to see things through other people's eyes. Having those character traits are important too, for without them, everyone would be known as misunderstanding and cold hearted. Of course, that can result in a hard, uncomfortable lifestyle. So, treat yourself to an entertaining plot and tune into Glee!

Last, but certainly not least, the whole Glee cast is really talented. To start off with, they can really get into character. Sometimes when I'm watching this awesome form of entertainment, I forget I am watching a scripted television show! The actors really seem to know what the characters are going through, and how they feel. Also, I think it is pretty cool how they recite long dance routines and hard songs at the same time. Now, some people might think, "Come on, anyone can do that," but that couldn't be further from the truth! As a dancer, I know how challenging it can be just to learn a difficult dance routine. It is hard for me to imagine how hard it must be to add a perfected song to that already challenging mix! After some numbers, I can clearly see they are in fact gasping for air! Experiments that have been taken the subject of singing and dancing at the same time even proves that doing this takes more energy than running a mile! Can you imagine using that much energy in three minutes? Lastly, as I stated before, these actors and actresses are really dedicated to what they do. During interviews with many of the stars of Glee, they said most of them have been singing and dancing since their toddler years! That shows how dedicated they are! "It's a lifelong thing," said one of the leads, Finn. All of their dedication really shows when they do pieces like "Lean On Me." This piece is a great example of them really expressing themselves and giving it their all. In conclusion, all those people that love really talented actors, Glee is the chance to take.

For all of the reasons above and more is why I'm recommending Glee to everyone as good entertainment. Because of its great music, amazing plot, and talented actors makes it the perfect entertainment for everyone! Some come on and jump onto the "Glee" bandwagon; because it's filling up fast!

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