Chuck: Normal Guy, Not So Normal Spy

September 24, 2010
By JCMerak BRONZE, Reno, Ohio
JCMerak BRONZE, Reno, Ohio
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Review of Chuck Season 4's First Episode: “Chuck vs. The Anniversary”

After seeing Chuck on NBC for the first time 3 and a ½ years ago, I got hooked. Chuck has to be by far one of my favorite shows on television today.With it's fast-paced, action-driven comedy plot and many, totally laugh-out-loud moments laden throughout the hour long show, plus a memorable cast to boot, it's the perfect show to relieve stress after work on your Monday evening.

***SPOILER ALERT*** Read At Your Own Risk
Do Not Read Further If You Have Not Seen The First Episode Of Chuck, Season 4.
I will have definitely ruined the entire episode for you. Don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Chuck Bartowski (Zachary Levi), who returns in his fourth season as the Intersect 2.0, is back and better than ever. After the world terrorist network called the Ring is finally decommissioned, now it is time for Chuck to take on a more personal mission: Finding his mother. With clues left behind by his father (Scott Bakula, deceased in the show as of season 3), and help from his best friend Morgan Grimes (Joshua Gomez), he is led into more danger from other terrorist groups and must face the fate of reinstating himself as a CIA super-spy. Of course, it can be tough for Chuck Bartowski. He must fess up and tell his sister Ellie (Sarah Lancaster), the truth about their mother, and possibly the dark secrets that he'll find. Of course, a surprise awaits when he goes to tell Ellie about his new mission. She's _________ with husband Devon Woodcombs ____ (Ryan McPartlin). He couldn't ruin that moment for her, so he'll have to wait to tell her. At least, for now. Not making it any easier is having girlfriend Sarah Walker (Yvonne Strahovski), also be his co-spy; knowing that they could be ripped apart at any moment being in their professions. Also joining in on the fun, is the re-installment of the ever grumpy Colonel John Casey (Adam Baldwin) and the popular BuyMore store, now filled with more secrets than before! From creators Josh Schwartz ("The O.C.”, "Gossip Girl" ) and Chris Fedak, the superb direction of Robert Duncan McNeil, and production by McG (“Charlies Angels”, “Terminator Salvation”), Schwartz, Fedak, McNeil and Nicholas Wootton, Chuck Season 4, may just be, the best season yet!

So to conclude, I believe overall, that Chuck is an awesome show. With already 3 wonderful seasons, each better than the last, and season 4 just revving up, Chuck should be a great success. Like many NBC series however, it may not stick around forever (“Heroes” for example), being a contemporary spy-comedy, so you need to catch it while it's here! Season 4 should give us loads more of Chuck time, more world locations, bigger, better plots and of course, tons of hilarious Monday night entertainment.

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