Pretty Little Liars

August 15, 2010
By Anonymous

Want a show that offers teen drama and mystery with a modern twist? If so, Pretty Little Liars is the series for you.

Having premiered on June 8, 2010, Pretty Little Liars (PLL) has captivated a wide range of viewers in a short span of time: from those enjoying the affordable fashion of the four female protagonists to others who find the anonymous texter “A” addictively eerie.

Though packaged like many other series directed at female teens – PLL hits topics that others often ignore. Issues such as forbidden relationships, emerging sexual identities and cheating exist in the world of PLL, despite the girls seemingly perfect lives. After the one year anniversary of the unsolved murder of their friend Alison’s life, the four girls: Aria, Hannah, Spencer and Emily, are haunted by the omnipresent “A” who threatens to tell the very private moments that only their late friend Alison witnessed.

The air of mystery that shrouds the town of Rosewood keeps viewers on their edge of their seats. But it is the reality of imperfection that speaks to us loyal fans. Families break apart, daughters lie to their mothers and even officers falter from their roles as perpetrators of justice. Though Pretty Little Liars takes on the façade of just another teen series, the depth from which it takes its focus places it miles higher than the rest.

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