June 8, 2010
By G_Dieffenbach BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
G_Dieffenbach BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Community is a comedy show about community college. The show focuses on a study group that is made up of a high school drop out in her late twenties, a middle aged mom, a business owner with a habit of sexually harassing women, a lawyer with an illegitimate degree, a jock that lost his scholarship, a girl that left high school because a drug addiction and Abed, who talks quickly and frequently references movies. I thought this show would be funny. The characters were all misfits trying to make their way through community college. However, after watching two episodes, I realized that Community fell below my expectations. Sure, some of the characters were pretty funny, and I laughed out loud a couple times, but the story lines of the episodes were pretty boring. A whole episode was devoted towards trying to get chicken wings at lunch. While I think that the idea of this show is good and has potential, it just didn't turn out as well as it could have. I think I will stick to watching 30 Rock instead.

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