Modern Family

May 20, 2010
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Ever watch shows and think to yourself "This just really could never happen, EVER."? Well as most shows are getting more extravagant and dramatic, there are those "down to earth" shows like "Modern Family". The show is exactly how it sounds, a modern family. An old rich grandpa married to a once divorced young and hot Latino with one child from her previous marriage. His son, a homosexual living with his partner and their adopted Asian baby girl. His daughter, married with three children, two girls and one boy. The show is based on daily issues that might come up in a modern family, kind of like "Seinfeld"; it is a show about nothing. The reality of this fictional show is uncanny, and so real you become a part of the family. Its recent success has made it one of the best new shows on ABC but if you really want to experience the reality of this show tune in on Wednesday nights and let it become your, well, modern family.

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