May 21, 2010
By , Ames, IA
Comedy television shows are getting progressively harder to make, as more people begin enjoying them. Gone is the demand for such silly characters as the dumb jock, the annoying suck-up, the cool slacker! However, as old as we may believe these used characters to be, Community incorporates all these old but good comedy styles and somehow makes them fresh again. Yes, you can name a character for each of the old characters - Donald Glover as Troy, the stupid football player; Alison Brie as Annie, the perky teachers pet; and the infamous Joel McHale as suave, bed-head clad Jeff Winger - and yes, you can say they copied characters from every school television show ever. But you can also call it resourceful.

However, characters aren’t the only used trait running in this show. The full first season up to the season finale, which appeared just yesterday, also has a will-they-won’t-they vibe going on between Jeff and a blonde named Britta. You wouldn’t think by watching almost any given episode that they would ever be together; they are constantly bickering. However, they have experienced some very meaningful events together, the most recent being last night’s episode, when both Britta AND Jeff’s ex-girlfriend confess that they love him. Jeff shocks the fans of Community at that moment, though, when he leaves with somebody else.

Community centers around a group of students at Greendale Community College that was supposed to be a Spanish study group, but doesn’t really get around to much studying. The group is basically led by Jeff, a man who used to be a lawyer but was discovered to have fake proof that he did, indeed, go to college. Jeff is a big slacker, and cares too much about what people think of him.

Shirley is a kind, generous mother whose catch phrase is, “That’s nice.” She has lots of arguments with Peirce, an old man whose age is a running joke within the group. Pierce makes Britta feel uncomfortable many times with his question, “So I really don’t have a chance with you?” Britta is a strong, feminist woman who, it has been mentioned, sometimes goes on weekend shopping trips with Annie. Abed, the pop-culture crazy boy, and Troy are best friends.

So, Community is crazy and sometimes unoriginal, but I enjoy the good, classic comedy with a twist.

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