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April 28, 2010
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American idol is one of the most watched shows in America. Practically every TV set is turned on to channel 5 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Tuesdays, the contestants sing their song to keep them in the race. They get up on that stage and sing their hearts out. Some of them shine big and impress the judges. Others don’t sing as well and then Simon says that they are going to be leaving the show. It all depends on how well you sing and the stage presence you bring to America.

For me, idol is a big opportunity for people who just want to show the world that they are very talented and want a break in this world. I think the show is fantastic. I watch it every week, every time it’s on. I like the contestants on the show, some more than others. With only 6 people left it’s really getting down to the wire. Everybody on that show is very special and unique. Take Siobhan for example. Every week she is dressed in these crazy outfits that only she can pull off. Crystal is a very unusual singer. She has her sense of music and the way she sings is even unique. Aaron is the youngest and most adorable boy on the show. He looks like a 16 year old but he can sing like an adult. Casey is the bad boy “hottie” of the show. His hair is amazing and he turns song into great versions of his own. “Big Mike” is the big teddy bear of the show. He’s big and strong but has a heart of gold. And then there is Lee. He is the shining star of the whole show, in my opinion. He can sing any song and it will be great. The judges are great. They are funny and they tell you how it is. Simon is a little more truthful/hurtful than the others but at least he is honest. So if you want your person to win and not go home (Tim!) then you need to vote so they will be on the show!

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