LOST: Happily Ever After

April 18, 2010
By Sammy108 BRONZE, Texarkana, Texas
Sammy108 BRONZE, Texarkana, Texas
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Two weeks ago, I claimed that Lindelof/Cuse couldn't top "Ab Aeterno". I basically implied that they could go into retirement early and call it a day, because their best episode yet had aired. And then, much like Garth Brooks, they came out of retirement and shocked me silly.

I should've known anyway; Desmond-episodes have always dominated. "The Constant" and "Flashes Before Your Eyes" are just great episodes from beginning to end. They are paced well, the dialogue is believable, and the plot is executed with pure ease.

So, knowing all this, I should have known "Happily Ever After" would kick serious butt. Because it totally did.

Plot run-down:

Desmond is brought to the island by Charles Widmore, who tells him he needs him to do something for him. Of course, Desmond gives him the proverbial finger, preferring to be at home with his family and not his - well, kind of family. Then we flash to alt-world, in which Desmond works for Charles Widmore, lives the bachelor life well, and doesn't have any dependents whatsoever. Widmore's son wants a little band called Driveshaft to perform at a party Widmore is hosting, and since Charlie has already become ingratiated into the drug world yet again, he needs Desmond to babysit Charlie until the party.

While Desmond drives the two, Charlie suddenly jerks the wheel. They plummet into water. Desmond gets out to see Charlie's hand against the window and he flashes to an image of Charlie's on-island death. Unlike in the original timeline, Charlie survives this and, once his motives regarding the crash are questioned, he informs Desmond that he was "trying to show him something".

Later, Desmond meets Widmore's son who is revealed to be DANIEL FARADAY!!!! They speak, and Daniel reveals that he is in love with a redhead, who we can easily assume is Charlotte. Then, because he has seen "Not Penny's Boat" on Charlie's hand, Desmond mentions her. Daniel says that he can tell Desmond how to find his sister, even though his mother (ELLIE!) has already told Desmond that he isn't ready yet.

Then, we see Desmond at the same bleachers where he ran in "Man of Science, Man of Faith". The difference is that this time, Penny is running in his place. Desmond meets her and he realizes what Charlie was trying to show him. He falls in love.

Desmond agrees to help Widmore now, and it is clear that he knows what is going on. He is special. Way more so than Walt.

In the last scene, Desmond asks him limo driver for a manifesto of flight 815.

Driver: May I ask why?
Desmond: Because I want to show them something.

Killer episode. Seriously. This season is in its stride, and I am loving it so much.

All of Desmond's episodes have operated on the theme of love, whether it is gained, lost, or regained. And every bit of these episodes has been purely amazing. So, given this, and the episode itself, I guess it's no shock that "Happily Ever After" was so superior.

I love LOST.

It's going to end soon.

I can't not be melancholy about this.

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