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March 26, 2010
By crazyandshort BRONZE, Ariton, Alabama
crazyandshort BRONZE, Ariton, Alabama
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American Idiot

Ok, seriously? This season of American Idol sucks! The tryouts were horrible.

I want to have a really LONG excruciating talk with Kara DioGuardi. She got rid of most of the actually good singers, and now we have a bunch of Jordin Sparks/Adam Lambert wannabes who can’t even sing. Some of her choices I could agree on, but seriously? THEY GOT RID OF LILLY SCOTT!!!!!!
Lilly was by far the best chick singer, and I personally adore Casey James.
TIM URBAN, GO AWAY!!! That dude has no personality when he sings, and he’s pitchy. If I was a judge, and I had a choice on this guy, I’d tell him to pack his bags and go home.
I can handle Katie Stevens. She was a little pitchy on Tuesday when she did Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”, but I think I like her a little bit.
Crystal Bowersox’s teeth are YELLOW. Her teeth are gross. I’ve met dogs with better oral hygiene. Really?
Siobhan Magnus is pretty good. She’s like a female version of Adam Lambert. But then again, technically, Adam Lambert is a woman in a man’s body. He’s gay. He’s got a killer voice, though. I still wonder how Kris Allen won last year.
Didi Benami sang a song this week called “You’re No Good”. She didn’t even have to sing because the name of the song said EVERYTHING.
Big Mike is awesome! I love Big Mike’s personality. If you don’t watch Idol and don’t know who “Big Mike” is, he’s Michael Lynche, and his wife was in labor during Hollywood Week. She had her baby, and now’s he’s kickin badonkadonks with his music.
Lee Dewyze sucks. I’m not gonna lie. His voice is really monotone, and he’s almost robotic. It drives me crazy! The other contestants I can handle.
Aaron Kelly isn’t bad, but he looks AND sounds like every other boy band out there. You know what’s funny? I swear I am NOT making this up- his mother’s name is Kelly Kelly.
Andrew Garcia is actually pretty good. He’s got this reggae rock vibe going on for him. I think he’ll do well this season.
I think I’ve covered this season’s valid participants for this season.
OH! I forgot one person- Hailey Vaughn. She shrieked. Everytime she started a new line of a song’s verse, it sounded like coughing and hiccuping. Can anyone say ANNOYING???

The author's comments:
I am officially watching American Idol constantly,and this is just my opinion on this season.

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