Hard Knocks, Training Camp With the Cincinnati Bengals

March 26, 2010
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The Cincinnati Bengals are currently 1st in there division over the Steelers, ravens, and browns. The Cincinnati Bengals also appeared on the hit show on HBO called “hard knocks”, were they showed there preseason routine before the regular season. As a Cincinnati Bengal fan I enjoyed watch this television event not only was interesting due to the various quotations and philosophies of Chad Ocho Cinco, who is now on the TV. Show dancing with the stars. This HBO special was very interesting and is something that HBO should be proud with because it has been nominated for 5 emey's. These hard knocks is unique because before this hard knocks all of the other teams air on this special had a losing season and didn’t make it into the playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals made it into the playoffs this year. The show was great it gave a full in depth analysis of how hard being in the pros it. In the show Marvin Lewis (the Bengals head coach), explained many different philosophies that help on and of the field for players to follow. The show was great and HBO realized that there going to do it again this summer on the New York jets. This premier that HBO showed was great because they make you like the team and to follow that team through out the season. This years hard knock was interesting because it was about the Bengals, the Bengals were a great team to do it on because there team is diverse and unique. When I first tuned into the show I was surprised of how intense thing are in the N.F.L., after all it is there job. By watching this it made me really recognize the skill and hard work it takes to become an N.F.L. player and this show will show you the hard work it takes to be in the N.F.L.

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