It inspires me to become a better singer!

March 19, 2010
By Whitehorse144 SILVER, Templeton, Pennsylvania
Whitehorse144 SILVER, Templeton, Pennsylvania
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The past is practice.

American Idol has developed so greatly since the beginning. These singers are regular people that really love to sing and that is trying to make their dream come true. Individualy these singers have amazing qualities about them. Even though they are all here for the same thing, they all are so different. Aaron Kelly is young and powerful. When he sings he does the unexpected. He makes the song his own. He has such a wide range with his voice and can make anybody beileve what he's saying. Andrew Garcia is his own person. He can sing anything from Christina Aguliera to The Rolling Stones and it still sounds so good. He has a punk rock edge and knows how to get you hooked. Casey James is the rockstar-badboy. He can sing a slow song and the next night play a mean guitar solo with a rock vibe. No matter what he does he can pull it off. Crystal Bowerstox is the mother of Idol. She puts so much into her music and she doesn't care who likes it, she does it because she loves it. She puts emotion in it and takes her songs to a different level. Didi Benami is the one that can smile her way out of anything. She looks so happy when she's singing. You can tell that it's her passion. Katie Stevens is mysterious. She can beld out Kelly Clarkson but she can also sing country just as good. She is very talented and if she keeps picking the right songs she could go all the way to the top. Lee Dewyze gives you goosebumps when he sings. He all of a sudden came out of the shadow and became everybody's favorite. He has the voice that makes you love him even though you've never met him. Michael Lynche is very unexpected. He has a soft voice that can move you to tears so easily. He reminds you what singing really is. Paige Miles has a powerful voice. She can sing anything she wants and it works for her. She can be edgy or country.Siobhan Magnus can change your mind fast. She can sing a slow song and at the end beld out her soul and you tell yourself that you've never heard anybody sing like that. Her voice is hard to find in singers. Not everybody can do what she does. Tim Urban makes you feel the passion and realize why singing is so important. He beileves in himself and can make you forget about everything else and just think about how much music and singing really means to us. Without singing who would we be? We express ourselves through song. We cry, laugh, smile, hurt and breathe in lyrics. Anything is possible in a song. Music is the most important thing in the world to alot of us and I apprichiatte idol so much. It gives every singer a chance to add a little bit more to themselves.

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Singing is the most important thing in the world to me.

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