March 18, 2010
By RachaelNewman BRONZE, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
RachaelNewman BRONZE, Eden Prairie, Minnesota
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Greek is an entertaining television show that follows the lives of college students living in the greek system. The dramatic tensions between houses create a urge for viewers to keep watching week by week. The drastically fun life consisting of parties, events, vacatations, and competitions keep the spirits light and people begin to want to live in that lifestyle. Relationships and friendships grow and decline over their four year period in this golrious college capture the attention of the viewers. The variety of main characters in this television show gives the viewers a better chance of having someone to relate to. Greek is an enthusiastic show that will keep almost any adolescent captivated for hours.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to review the television show was that I watch this show every week and continue to be impressed by the fun message the show gives off and also is something that my whole family can watch.

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