The Biggest Loser

March 16, 2010
By Kenzie Healy BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
Kenzie Healy BRONZE, Chaska, Minnesota
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The Biggest Loser not only creates but inspires change in the lives of our overweight society. Last season, I was able to see men and women who weighed three times my own size and see before my eyes, their hard work and determination slim the waists and trim the bellies of these men and women’s once criticized figure. The newest season, currently underway, invited obese couples to the infamous mansion to try and not only create a better self-image, but also to just be simply happier with whom they are; not afraid to brace the outside world and confident to make his or her name known.
Every week, the two trainers, who have also made a name for themselves, create intense workouts and push their contestants as far as physically possible. This drive and intense work teaches the contestants to not quit at every little obstacle that may hit their way. The participants are also taught about healthy eating habits so that when they return home, the winner of not, nutritious eating becomes a way of life and not a chore.
By watching this show, even though the one who is watching may not be obese or in need of assistance themselves, it inspires the determination to accomplish other seemingly impossible tasks in their lives. Those contestants on the Biggest Loser never thought that the opportunity would be given to better their lives and yet they were blessed. This type of blessing doesn’t need to be given through a television show or a worldwide contest. Rather, if we can find the inner drive to push ourselves to the limits, those impossible goals can become an accomplished reality.

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