Make It Or Break It

January 31, 2010
By Anonymous

Make it or break it is about a group of gymnasts who train at "The Rock" for national competions and the Olympics. Each episode has more drama than the last. Weather it be realtionships,freindships, or family drama, its in EVERY episode.
It is now Season 2 and in Season 1 a new girl Emily Kmetko(Chelsea Hobbs) comes and joins three other trainers Lauren Tanner(Cassie Scerbo), Payson Keeler(Ayla Kell), and Kaylie Cruz(Josie Loren).Once Emily begins training there all of a sudden drama flies.
Lauren and Kaylie have been best freinds for twelve years, But they then have a fight of a boy. They soon forgive eachother but that doesn't mean the drama stops.
While competing in Nationals Payson falls and breaks her back. She was told she couldn't do gymnastics anymore, But was then informed that her freind Kaylie Cruz won Nationals.
In the beginning of Season 2 Payson is out of the hospital and is feeling a little better. She comes and visits her freinds and "The Rock" and is told she has a choice if she wants to coach, because she was the best trainer at " The Rock" until "IT" happened, as Payson calls it in the show.
This show comes on ABC Family at 8 o'clock Eastern time. Watch it you may be shocked how much drama there is!!!!

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