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January 24, 2010
By gibran BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
gibran BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Family Guy is one of the most humorous shows in TV. I believe it’s also one of the greatest shows on TV because of its outstanding characters. The constant flashbacks throughout the show stand out and make it a fascinating show. This TV show has also won three Primetime Emmy Awards making it a high ranked show, watched by many.

What makes Family Guy one of the most entertaining shows is the characters. Mostly every character in the show is hysterical in their own way. Like Peter Griffin, who is the main character and also the funniest. Peter is always doing random and unimaginable things that are just hilarious. He isn’t smart; however he says the most hysterical phrases. The rest of the family in Family Guy consists of Brian who is their talking dog, Louis who is Peter’s wife, Chris their overweight son, Meg their daughter who is always being picked on by her family, whom find this funny. The family also contains Stewie, who is their youngest son, he is extremely smart. He is also always trying to kill his mom, but luck is always on his mom’s side and Stewie always fails.

The “flashbacks” in Family Guy make the show more interesting and add humor to the show. These flashbacks usually appear right after they say “Like the time when…..”. The flashbacks are always funny and remind the character talking about something else. Usually these flashbacks are parodies of famous people. That is also what makes these flashbacks and the show more entertaining.

If you haven’t seen Family Guy and want an excellent show to make you laugh, I recommend you watch Family Guy. You will laugh and will want to watch more in the end. Many things make this show hilarious, and in my opinion one of the best shows in Television!

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