January 23, 2010
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AmyPackham15 SILVER, Lancaster, Other
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\'You should believe, even when life is giving you every reason not to\'

Okay... so GLEE seems to be the new phenomenon hitting our tv's; causing most people our age to plan their monday night around the 9pm showing. Personally, I watched all 13 episodes when i saw the first advert come onto E4, mainlydue to boredom and the fact that one tree hill wasnt filming any more episodes until January the 18th.

Now that it has been aired in the UK, it seems to be the highlight of everyones facebook statuses/monday evenings/google searches. Although i obviously did enjoy it (enough to watch all 13 episodes in the space of a week!) it surprised me how popular it has become with only the first episode and even the ages (and gender) of people that seem to be watching it.

Although it does have many good points... to name a few...
* It 's like high school musical minus the really cheesy storylines/lyrics to the songs
* The singing and dancing are basically amazing.
* Could pretty much settle for Finn or Mr Schu anyday.
* They aren't all stupidly skinny and amazingly good looking.

As i was watching it, some of the storylines and actors just really didn't seem believeable and that's why i thought, the majority of other people watching it when it came out in the UK would think too. If you look for GLEE reviews, most of them do go on about the amazing actors and the amazing singers and the amazing storylines... but is it really amazing?

Here's what I think:

To make a good series, that people will look forward to watching each week and actually feel a bit disheartened when the credit come up, you have to have good and BELIEVEABLE storylines. When Terri realized she wasn't pregnant it was all a shock to our screens but the fact that she fakes the pregnancy to her husband who she has been with since they were in high school seems a bit strange to me. Surely sleeping in the same bed he is likely to notice that she doesn't have a huge bump there, or surely he would find it weird with the lack of affection she gives him at night, yes of course being pregnant may change it a bit but not even a cuddle. When does she put this supposed fake-pregnant-belly on anyway? Is it not squidgy when he touches it... wouldn't he find it weird if it was? These are the kinds of questions that sprung in my mind when this storyline first began... why is it that no one else in the world seems to think this?

Secondly, carrying on from that... Quinn gets pregnant. Fair enough she slept with Puck, pretty believeable for a teenage cheerleader to cheat but how and why would she give up her baby to her teachers wife who is already faking a pregnancy. Firstly, surely Will would want to be there at his wife giving birth... would they suddenly knock him out, wait til Quinn has her baby, bring it into the hospital with Terry, then he wakes up and POP, there's his child...? They make it sound so easy 'you can have my baby' as if they are talking about taking each others clothes! But clearly it would not be as easy as this... Terri wouldn't be able to get to all her 'check ups' without her husband being there.

Back to Quinn.. is it really that believeable that she wouldn't sleep with her boyfriend (I mean come on, a cheerleader being the head of a celibacy club) but then she would cheat on him and sleep with his best friend? Hm. Since when do cheerleaders in America not sleep with their boyfriends? (Especially someone as cute as finn)

Oh and one last thing. Jocks and Cheerleaders being part of (and eventually enjoying) the Glee club.
1. How do they all seem to have such good voices
2. I know they begin off joining for Sue to 'ruin' Glee, but they end up enjoying it?
3. Puck seems to be one of those 'coolest guys around' supposedly? And he joins Glee? right.

That does seem like rather a rant and you might say im hypocritical watching all 13 episodes then writing on here how bad it is. But i'm not saying its bad. I'm saying its catching, the songs, the actors, the storylines. It's all of these things that seem to be wrong with it that made me want to keep watching. What would have happened if Terri hadn't told Will about the baby? Do the footballers and cheerleaders end up actually liking the GLEE CLUB?!

Maybe i'm the only one noticing these small glitches but I can hardly complain, when im the one checking the website to see when the next series begins.

The author's comments:
I do enjoy watching this programme I was just confused about certain parts of the plot and wondered if anyone else felt this too as all the reviews on 'Glee' are always positive.

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